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LARRY ENRIGHT: A Journey Against Great Adversity

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One Day At A Time For A Kildare Musician and Entrepreneur, Larry Enright


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Larry Enright started in show business in Ireland in the 1970’s and during his stint in the army he continued to play gigs. His time in the Irish military was an interesting one and he served with the Irish Army on a peace keeping mission with the United Nations. On his free time when overseas, he entertained the troops playing his guitar, singing and playing the bagpipes.The Kildare man believed keeping moral up was a very important part of his duty.

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In 1989, Larry Enright moved to the United States from Ireland and resided on Nantucket Island and formed a new band called the Irish Playboys and they played for the Clintons, Kennedys, Liz Taylor and a number of Senators and so successful was the band, they were very busy and booked solid.

A name change for the band and they became the Larry Enright Band and recorded an album and the future looked promising for the Kildar native. He moved to Tyngsboro and at that time, life for Larry Enright altered dramatically when he suffered a major brain aneurysm, resulting in paralasis that left him unable to read, see or function.

Finding a way back to manageable health was going to mean years of therapy and rehab and that finally got Larry back up on his feet. His partner, Zoe, took care of him and did a lot of his therapy for him, but with his determination he got back on his feet. He was still left side weak and could no longer play all the instruments he knew and his motor skills and memory were different. He started to learn the guitar again but things were never the same.

He wrote about his life in his published book “Don’t Blink” and then started to work in the Indie Film business. That’s how Deadass Dawg, his production company, was born. Larry Enright has since produced two documentaries, three short movies and worked on a comedy entitled “Paww Kelly”. However the Kildare man’s life inflicted another life changing tragedy, when due to a vascular disease Larry lost both legs and his music world now seemed a distant memory.

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Confined to a wheelchair and two prosthetic limbs, he once more had to overcome extreme health adversaries and again needing to learn to walk. The Newbridge entertainer, singer and producer faced up to a life that required a mountain of willpower and a challenge that would have fazed the vast majority of people, but for Larry Enright, the show just goes on.

Reading Larry’s story of endurance and observing his mighty ability to get off the floorboards and make a life in business, makes him a worthy inductee in our All Ireland ShowBiz Hall Of Fame category.

Editorial tribute by Derry JF Doody

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