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Séamus Mac An Bheatha: 1978 - 2020

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        POSTHUMOUS INDUCTION & TRIBUTE ON 7th May 2022 at Tír Na Nóg G.A.A. Clubhouse, Randalstown.

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* Coached Gaelic Games in his native Belfast & Derry as a teenager

* Coached with English Universities & Clubs;

* Coached with Youths & Adult teams at Randalstown until his sudden death at 42 on 26th December 2020

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Séamus Mac An Bheatha Inducted as All Ireland Champion Volunteer/Coach

On Saturday 7th June 2022 a POSTHUMOUS CELEBRATION of the SportingLife of one of Ireland's greatest and most popular All Ireland Champion Volunteers cum Coach took place at the splendidly arranged clubhouse of Tír Na Nóg, Randalstown, Co.Antrim. The occasion featured the parents of the late Séamus, Jim & Louise McVeigh and Séamus's siblings Anthony and Clare, their husbands and extended families from far and near, all gathered to honour and commemorate the late Seamus Mac An Bheatha.

The event was organised by Jim & Louise McVeigh, Tír Na Nóg club & Derry JF Doody, editor/promoter of All Ireland Hall Of Fame Tributes Gallery and in an extremely nostalgic night of immense tributes, incorporating music & song by Malachy and special guests, the invited guests rose at the show conclusion with a standing ovation for the late Séamus and all involved in production. The night could only be described as an immense success and a fitting belated commemoration to a noble and passionate gael.


Gaelic Games and Irish Cultural pastimes, aside from his profession as a teacher, occupied every waking moment

of one of Ireland's greatest Champion Club Volunteers.   

He never stood still. He invested his every spare minute into the promotion of traditional Irish sports and Irish cultural pastimes. He married himself head and shoulders with his passion for Ireland and GREEN was the colour he sought to embellish all through his life. His life as a proud Irishman had just about reached the halfway post when he was taken in the still of night in his sleep at his parents Randalstown home.

     JAMES WITH MUM              JAMES SHOOTING WITH DAD AND ANTHONY               Clare

                Séamus & mum, Louise                                                         Séamus, dad Jim and brother Anthony                                                                                 Séamus and Sister, Clare

 JAMES McVEIGH liked to sign in as SÉAMUS Mac An Bheatha as his No.1 priority and proudly conversed and upheld the Irish language with like-minded gaelic speakers. He was born into the Belfast district of Ardoyne in an era when being catholic and a supporter of the Gaelic Athletic Association, brought innocent citizens to the forefront of attention with the policing and army authorities. He inherited his gaelic games influences from his parents and their familes.  Picture A         Picture B



 The following is a brief summary of the McVeigh gaelic tradition inherited by Séamus as a young boy.

* Father Jim played for Pearses and Mother Louise played Camogie for St Malachys:

* Grandfather Lauchlan McCurdy played for Ardoyne Kickhams hurling and uncles Allan,Billy and Charlie played for Ballymurphy Hurling Club of which his Grandfather Lauchlan was Coach.

* Aunts Ellen and Anne played Camogie for St Malachys; Great Uncle Vincent McVeigh/Shaun Letters played hurling for Tir Na Nog of Belfast whilst various Family members played for Tir Na Nog in hurling, football and Camogie.

               ARDOYNE IN CONNAUGHT FEILE PARADE                             ardoyne under 14 player of year 1992

                                  Séamus proudly leading Ardoyne Kickhams in the Galway Féile parade                                                                     Ardoyne Kichams U14 Player of the Year 1922

* Séamus's first club was Ardoyne GAC in Belfast where he played with his brother Anthony. As well as playing underage and senior hurling and football for Ardoyne from 1995 to 2005, he was also an underage coach. He coached primarily U14,16 and U18 hurling over these years, but also worked with other underage and senior teams for football.

Whilst studying at the University of Ulster from 1997 to 2003 at different stages he held the role of secretary and chairman at Jordanstown Hurling, chairman at Magee College of Derry in hurling and was coach/manager for Jordanstown Freshers and senior hurling, Magee hurling and camogie teams. He was awarded Club Colours from UUJ for work as a student volunteer administrator for the Hurling club. He was also the Overall Vice President of Clubs and Societies, a sabbatical position he held from 2001 to 2003.


Emigration to England as a Teacher to secure employment

As Vice President this involved representing student sports clubs across the 4 campuses and running workshops on such things as development, health and safety. In 2005 he moved to England to take up a full-time teaching position and took on playing hurling for Érin Go Brágh in Birmingham. He was a member of the squad that won the clubs first ever Warwickshire senior hurling championship in 2006 and was also the coach/manager of the senior hurling team and supported underage hurling and camogie coaches when possible.

    EIRN GO BRAGH     EIRN GO BRAGH WITH CUP    M Head Hall Fame No.1 8 12 21 Jpeg

                   Érin Go Bráth football team                                                                                           Érin Go Bráth and Séamus with cup

Séamus then began coaching for Aston University Gaelic Club in 2008 and helped to build a Ladies Gaelic team and contributions as a coach was awarded Half, Full, Outstanding Contribution and Sporting Dedication Colours by Aston University. Further expansion in 2009 meant coaching Warwickshire GAA to an All Britain U21 Championship.

                     ASTON UNIVERSITY GILRS             ASTON UNIVERSITY

                                           Aston University Gaelic Football team managed by Séamus                                                           James Connollys Football Team with Coach/Manager Séámus


ON THE MOVE AGAIN: In 2010 he joined James Connolly’s Gaelic Football Club as an underage coach and also became Chairperson and manager of their first ever senior team and helped to coach the U14, U16 and U18 teams, helping the U18s win their first ever league titles in 2012 and 2013. Whilst teaching at Archbishop lsley Catholic School in Birmingham he organised an after schools Gaelic Club which regularly attracted over 20 children training and eventually playing for local clubs. A girls James Connolly team took part in the Feile Peil International ran by Warwickshire and the boys team took part in numerous blitzes around England and Wales and also competed in the ABC’s in London. A number of these players, nurtured by Séamus, still play senior football for teams.


The Final Call from Ireland and the Road to Randalstown

Never one to rest on his laurels, Séamus now became involved with underage development within Warwickshire around 2008 as Chairman of the Youth Development Committee. He also coached and managed the county U16, U18 and U21 teams at different stages winning Provincial titles at U16 and U21. However despite all his immense success in England and relevance in which he was upheld by players and management, the Green, Green, Grass of Home was now occupying Séamus's sporting allegiance.

CAMOGIE HERE I COME: In 2015 he bade farewll to his English reign and acadamies and finally returned home to Ireland and joined Tír na NÓg GAC in Randalstown. With so much zest and experience stored away, his first mission was as senior camogie manager and to keep himself fully occupied, he took on the role of camogie chairman for 2015 and 2016. Ever the busy bee, Séamus took on the role of lead coach for U6, U8 and U10 hurling and camogie also in 2016.

The duty of Coaching Officer from 2017 was next accepted and Tír Na Nóg also Awarded Séamus Club Person of the Year. Success flowed onwards at Tír Na Nóg and in November 2018 and November 2019 he steered the U21 footballers to an all county final 2019-2020.

                                    James McVeigh18                                                                                                                          Tír Na Nóg footballers lining up for another triump with Séamus amongst the squad

Next up for Séamus was Tir Na Nog coach for football and hurling and Secretary for the South West Antrim divisional executive board. Continuing his mighty pace for the promotion of gaelic games, Séamus now assisted with the establishment of an indoor winter hurling/football programme for P3-P6 teams. Keeping his diary very busy, he now supported the coaching for Antrim’s U14 Slemish Gaelic Football development squad from October 2016 and worked as a Key Stage 1 DENI coach for Ulster GAA.

This important role saw him work in 10 different primary schools around South West and North Antrim teaching physical literacy PE lessons during the school year. Stretching himslef further into the promotion of Ireland's native gaelic games, he took his expertise to assisting with Handball and began helping with coaching in some schools and indeed helped with the launch of 2 new ‘One Wall’ courts in a secondary school in North Antrim.

The non stop majestic strides of Antrim's Séamus Mac An Bheatha also involved school clubs, creating club school links, supporting staff training, club development work with several Antrim clubs, supporting and co-ordinating blitzes in Antrim, as well as Ulster regional hurling and gaelic blitzes. During the summer months he was involved with coaching at Cúl Camps around Antrim and other Ulster counties as required.

                                       James McVeigh19

                                                                Séamus left many glorious memories for Tír Na Nóg children to recall and nothing phased his imagination as can be seen in this cameo

The influence of Séamus was now very evident and his future as a GAA administrator, coach and as a Go To Person, meant awards were coming his way including Level 2 Child award for both hurling and football and the Award 2 Youth and Adult courses for hurling. In a further expansion of his C.V. in 2017 he completed the Level 2 GAA Tutor Award and became a Safeguarding Tutor for Ulster GAA. As a pioneering GAA influential officer, Séamus now organised numerous safeguarding and foundation courses for hurling and football around Antrim.


On Saturday 12th September 2020, Tír Na Nóg contested the Antrim Intermediate Hurling championship with the ambition to garner their very first hurling title at this premier grade. The team was coached by Séamus and his friend, JP and again the final outcome was one of joy and celebration as this glorious title was annexed as the club began a new 100 years of promoting gaelic games pastimes and Irish Cultural traditions all around the extensive parish of Randalstown, Co. Antrim.

James McVeigh 2 JPEG


In the annals of recording extraordinary dedication and committment, for one so young, Séamus Mac An Bheatha of Randalstown, Co. Antrim, packed a heavyweight punch seldom experienced in any sports or community environment. At just 42 upon his untimely death, may I suggest this all round noble gael was more than capable of following in the historic steps of another famous Antrim gael, Séamus McFerran, of Cavendish Street, Falls Road, Belfast,18th GAA President from 1955 to 1958. The former president also died in the prime of his lfe at just 52 years old.

And finally as the song says, before I bade you all farewell... "It's a Long Ways To Tipperary" - well Eileen and I have come an even longer ways from Cork City and our own native town of Passage West. We came here - initially to Randalstown in mid march 2022 to meet Seamus's parents - Jim and Louise and to tease out the credentials of one Séamus Mac An Bheatha as a potential "All Ireland Champion Club Volunteer/Coach".

S'her if the power of nomination was passed to me - the late Séamus Mac An Bheatha (a person I never met) was more than capable of reaching the highest officership within the Gaelic Athletic Association.

Upcoming: Introducing Séamus Mac An Bheatha Picture Gallery


The official Induction, Tribute and Commemoration of Séamus Mac An Bheatha of Tír Na Nóg GAA Club of Belfast and Ardoyne Kickhams of Belfast is now "PERMANENTLY GLOBALLY LIVE" ON THE WORLDWIDE INTERNET.

Just google Champion Volunteers


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