In the arenas of late 20th and 21st centuries Irish political life, the goalposts have dramatically altered amongst Irish parliamentarians. Personal financial incentives has great altered the landscapes amongst Irish politicians who now receive vast remunerations and perks unlike our public representatives of times past.

Irish statespeople are Irish men and women who served their country in their political life in times past with dignity and respect, sought no favours and served the people who elected them, with respect and tolerance.

They are also politicians who achieved respect across political divides through the high offices they held over many years.

Martin McGuinness Of Derry's Bogside Joins A Gallery Of Irish People Who Became Internationally Famous As Peace Negotiators In Their Native Land A number of historic dates are uniquely attributed to Martin McGuiness, a native of The Bogside in Derry City. Born on the 23rd May 1950, he was christened…
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Seán Lemass: Ireland's Statesman Leader

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Lemass Held Many Government Portfolios Seán Lemass’s life was only spared because he was considered a mere young boy of seventeen who became embroiled in the 1916 Easter Rising. He accepted his liberty but he still went back into military action the following day as a member of the Irish…
Sunday, 29 December 2013 21:11

Joseph Devlin - Famous Belfast Nationalist

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Joe Devlin - Famous Rights Campaigner Of N. Ireland Embraced in politics as ‘Wee Joe’, Joseph Devlin was a Belfast man who left a great legacy of social work for northern communities. His demands for better working conditions for the thousands who worked in northern linen industries, made him renowned…
Sunday, 29 December 2013 21:03

Eamonn de Valera - New York/Irish Statesman

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Eamonn de Valera - Born In New York To Irish Mother & Spanish Father - Dev Became Irish Icon A giant of Irish politics from 1908 until his death in 1975, New York born Eamonn had an Irish mother and a Spanish father who died when Eamon was only three…
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Tom Barry - Famous Cork Freedom Fighter

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Tom Barry - One Of Ireland's Greatest Army Commanders General Tom Barry’s legacy will always be defined to the historic Co. Cork ambushes of Kilmichael and Crossbarry. Aged just eighteen he enlisted in the British Royal Field Artillery regiment during World War 1 and served at Mesopotamia, Iraq, and rose…
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Patrick Sarsfield - Famous Dublin Warrior

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Patrick Sarsfield - One Of Ireland's Greatest Revolutionaries Of 17th Century Patrick Sarsfield in his young life endeared himself to the hearts and souls of Irish people worldwide and still remains a peoples champion over three hundred years later. His deeds were many and he had a military ubringing that…
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Constance Markivicz - Famous Sligo Stateswoman

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Constance Markivicz- Sligo Born Politican With Privileged Background Serves Ireland' Struggle For Freedom With Courage & Dignity In Ireland’s domination by foreign invaders over many centuries, Irish women had the difficult task of rearing their families on pauperism and oppression and also support their husband’s grinding daily duty of providing…
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Jack Lynch - Famous Cork Statesman & Sportsman

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Jack Lynch - Supreme In Sport & Politics Born on 15th October 1917 under the famous and historic Bells of Shandon, on the northern outskirts of Cork city, Jack Lynch became a sporting and political Irish icon long before he bowed out of politics in May 1981. He was revered…
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Daniel O'Connell - Famous Kerry Liberator

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Daniel O'Connell - Lawyer - MP & Defender Of Catholic Ireland An immensely popular Famous Son of Ireland, Daniel O’Connell was a Kerryman who roused his own people to denounce all forces that sought to obstruct freedom of religion, and especially the Catholic faith in Ireland during his own lifetime.…
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Henry Grattan - Famous Dublin Rights Campaigner

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Henry Grattan - Dublin Born Lawyer Opposed Penal Laws On Irish "Grattan's Parliament" is the name usually given to the two decades of parliamentary independence which ended with the Act of Union in 1800. Certainly, there was much celebration in 1782, and parliament voted its hero £50,000 in gratitude. The…