Irish Heritage Hall of Fame

Exclusive ONLINE Gallery designated to Famous Sons & Daughters Of ireland

We compose TRIBUTES/PROFILES of our forebears and contemporary men and women of Ireland who achieved national and international acclaim for their outstanding achievements in a wide range of activities. Our heritage is a huge component of what Irish people are proud to advance at home and abroad.

The categories within our All Ireland Hall Fame Online Gallery are varied and interesting and a quick browse will lead you to discover many interesting facts and figures within our very popular Irish Heritage Hall Fame ONLINE Gallery.


Authors & Poets Hall of Fame

Under the umbrella of our Online All Ireland Hall Fame Gallery, Authors and Poets, are a huge component of our Irish Heritage.

Ireland has always been a land of great scholars over several centuries. This category is an ongoing monthly work in progress project and will provide many super browser sessions for persons interested in Irish literature.

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Champion Community Volunteers Hall of Fame

Champion Community Volunteers are really special people, often the unsung community heroes, the people who commit immense time and dedication in community groups and associations and also do enormous work for charitable organisations.

Take a browse at this Irish Heritage category and you will recognise, that within your own community or parish, you can identify that really special Champion Community Volunteer.

We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

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Actors & Actresses Hall of Fame

Ireland has spawned numerous stars of stage and film and our Irish Heritage Hall Fame will focus mainly on Irish legends of times past. This category is an ongoing monthly work in progress project providing interesting browser sessions for persons interested in theatre and film.

Legendary Irish names, such as Maureen O’Hara, created a special bond with Irish people all around the globe, even amongst people who were not greatly interested in films and theatre.

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Musicians & Entertainers Hall of Fame

In song and story Ireland is a very rich country for many decades. This new Hall Fame category is an ongoing monthly work in progress and will provide many super browser sessions for persons interested in Irish legends of music, song and entertainment.

Under our Music/Entertainers Hall Fame banner, our Hall Fame search will embrace bands, singers, composers and entertainers of times past and current at national, international and local levels.

Nominations always welcome.

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Ancestral Sons & Daughters Hall of Fame

We reach out over land and sea to People of Irish Ancestry around the globe. Our new category was adopted especially for the Sons and Daughters of Irish born parents, grandparents and great grandparents, who decided to emigrate over the last two centuries.

They were possessed with an ambition to forge a new life far away from the Emerald Isle Of Ireland. The emigration centuries most affected were the 19th; and 20th; whilst the current 21st century has seen vast Irish emigration once again.

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Patriots & Martyrs Hall of Fame

In previous centuries Ireland’s people endured great persecution and slaughter of its people by foreign invaders. In the 21st century Ireland is still a land with a political northern border that divides the province of Ulster in two separate land lines. The six counties of Antrim, Armagh, Tyrone, Down, Fermanagh, and Derry are divided by a British border from adjoining counties Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan.

Our patriots and martyrs are the people who sacrificed their lives for future generations of Irish citizens to enjoy liberty and peace on the Island Of Ireland.

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Missionaries & Clergy Hall of Fame

Vocations to religious orders throughout Ireland is no longer a priority for young Irish boys and girls.

In times past almost every Irish town spawned great numbers of boys and girls for a religious life. In 21st century Ireland, vocations are almost obsolete.

Ireland stood tall amongst the nations of the world in bygone centuries exporting clergy to foreign lands to preach the word of Christianity.

Irish people of religious communities became iconic names for their bravery and intuition and our Hall Fame hosts a unique collection who became Famous Sons & Daughters Of Ireland as priests, nuns and missionaries.

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Explorers Hall of Fame

These are famous Irish people and also Irish people whose deeds are often forgotten. Under the umbrella of our All Ireland Hall Fame we cherish the Golden Memories of our famous Irish Explorers.

Nellie Cashman and Tom Crean are just two Irish people of many Irish explorers who threaded over dangerous and life threatening adventures and came through unscathed.

Our Hall Fame search for adventurous Irish people of times past and current, will take us on fact finding research projects over the next few years.

We look forward to exploring great feats by Irish people and also by descendants of Irish people.

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Statespeople Hall of Fame

In the arenas of late 20th and 21st centuries Irish political life, the goalposts have dramatically altered amongst Irish parliamentarians. Personal financial incentives has great altered the landscapes amongst Irish politicians who now receive vast remunerations and perks unlike our public representatives of times past.

Irish statespeople are Irish men and women who served their country in their political life in times past with dignity and respect, sought no favours and served the people who elected them, with respect and tolerance.

They are also politicians who achieved respect across political divides through the high offices they held over many years.

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