Irish Business Hall Of Fame

People in business require self motivation and belief in their own ability to succeed and failure cannot be considered when investing your own money in your own ambitions. Creating an Irish Business Hall Fame as an integral component of our Irish Heritage Website is recognition and appreciation of Irish entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs & Inventors Hall of Fame

These are the Irish men and women who excelled where many would not venture. Their achievements were remarkable feats and created volumes of business opportunities for thousands of people.

They are also Irish people who took risks, succeeded beyond their wildest dreams and left enormous legacies for generations of Irish people, current and future.

Our Irish entrepreneurs of times past and current are an immense sector of our Irish Heritage. We preserve and promote our Irish entrepreneurs/inventors at our Irish Heritage website

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Historic Irish Businesses Hall of Fame

Ireland has a multitude of businesses established over half a century. In sport we have a rich heritage of legends and that should also be relevant in business.

At we are now inviting Irish businesses established over 50 years to come on board our Irish Heritage Hall Fame.

Irish people and people of Irish ancestry will rejoice in the story of how the business commenced, the original founder(s) and how the business progressed through several decades.

We look forward to exploring our Irish Business Hall Of Fame category all around the Island of Ireland

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Historic Irish Associations Hall of Fame

Many Irish Associations and Foundations were founded for the benefit of Irish citizens to provide important assistance, guidance and friendship in difficult times.

Recognising the good work administered over several decades is worthy of recognition and promotion.

Associations and Foundations are very often the sole voices of Irish citizens and one of Ireland’s most prominent associations is the St. Vincent De Paul Society with branches and volunteers all over Ireland. is an Irish Heritage Hall Fame designated to promoting and preserving golden memories of times past and current in Ireland.

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Historic Irish Places Hall of Fame

Ireland has so many Historic Places to cherish and promote at home and abroad, such as Knock Shrine, Hill Of Tara and Croagh Patrick, and many more famous places embedded in Irish history.

Killarney is a jewel of an Irish Heritage town and all Irish counties have numerous towns and villages with a renowned heritage to preserve and promote.

Many historic buildings are deemed as part of our Irish Heritage and date to previous centuries.

At this new category is one we look forward to establishing in 2017/18.

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Pubs Hall of Fame

Irish people are renowned for their sporting and music interests and one of the most popular places for sporting and music banter over the last century was the local Irish pub.

However Pub Dining has always been hugely popular with Irish diners also, whilst tourists to Ireland arrive with great expectations of sampling the famous Irish pub hospitality, so renowned around the globe. as an Irish Heritage Website, is now establishing our own Hall Fame for the sectors of Sport, Music and Pub Dining.

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