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Symbol of Achievement

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Trophies symbolise champions


ScoreBoardMemories.com visiting a unique collection of Ireland's Club & County Trophy manufacturers and retailers


The pinnacle of outright success is the handing over of the trophy to a winning captain on the podium and witnessing great joy and celebration by a town or village community, all united in a job well done. Trophies and medals signify a reward to be proudly guarded by recipients for the rest of their lives and that is one very good reason why Club & County Trophies are such an integral component of all sports codes.

Many trophy manufacturers and retailers have a proud tradition to uphold, but so also do sports trophies established in recent times. Clubs and County admininistrators have built up an ongoing sports/business association with their regular suppliers and that is not easily pierced. The range of trophies has mushroomed in recent decades, but service, price and user friendly suppliers are key to business in sport.

ScoreBoardMemories.com will now set up a nationwide travelling itinerary visiting a unique collection of Ireland's Club & County Trophy Suppliers and present editorial and picture online reports in association with our All Ireland Hall of Fame Tributes and Profiles.

Watch this space for ongoing developments.



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