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SportsLife Pub Venues

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Ireland's SportsLife Pub Venues


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Throughout Ireland, in almost every town and village, G.A.A. Clubs are the lifeblood of communities and equally so gaelic games banter is very high on the radar for fans of Ireland's native games. The local public house is a great focus for sports banter and identifying user friendly SportsLife Pub Venues for locals is established over many years.

However for sports fans on their travels.. knowing a user friendly SportsLife Pub Venue can often involve enquiring from locals, the location of a convivial hospitality house, whilst visitors coming to a town, village or countryside pub venue, are unlikely to see a SportsLife Pub sign with a special greeting and invitation to come inside and experience local sports banter.


ScoreBoardMemories Ireland is the Irish Home of All Ireland Hall of Fame honouring former players and also established SportsLife Pub Venues. Displaying the SportsLife Pub Venue sign outside and inside their premises can make themselves immediately identifiable as a user friendly sports banter public house.  Watch this space for further updates.


All SportsLife Pub Venues will be featured Online at All Ireland Hall of Fame.. in our Club & County menu category.. with their own special SportsLife Hall of Fame Tributes and appreciations.



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